Do you dream of sliding doors that combine optical lightness with reliability? Do you want more light in your interior and a panoramic view of the space around you? Would you like the door operation to be intuitive and the space in your home to be optimally used? Get to know Smart-slide Neo from Monolit's offer - a revolutionary sliding door that will meet all your expectations!

Smart-slide NEO offered by Monolit is a harmonious combination of modern Scandinavian design with optical lightness. The minimalist look is achieved, among other things, thanks to simple and symmetrical shapes, ultra-thin yet distinctive rebates and extremely narrow profiles. Their thin frame and large glazing (possibility of a glazed structure with dimensions of up to 6 x 2.5 m) provide even better illumination of the rooms and even create the impression as if the boundary between the interior and the surroundings had completely disappeared. These doors are an elegant decoration of any interior.

The product was created to provide users with maximum comfort of use. Thanks to advanced sliding mechanisms, opening and closing the door is extremely easy and intuitive. The light, smooth opening and closing movement occurs with minimal effort. Moreover, specialized fittings ensure that the sash, once unlocked, moves freely and without resistance on the trolleys relative to the unopened part of the structure. Moreover, Smart-slide NEO from Monolit is a product designed for durability and reliability is a priority. Stable support and guidance of the trolleys enable failure-free use for many years.

Smart-slide NEO sliding doors also ensure optimal use of space. Thanks to their sliding mechanism, they do not cause the moving leaf to penetrate into the room. Thanks to this, you can use more space in your interior. This is an ideal solution for people who value spaciousness and functionality.

The Smart-slide NEO series includes not only solutions for patio doors. This system will also work great in the kitchen, in the form of light and easy-to-use sliding windows. After opening, the sash glides on the trolleys without any resistance, and the locking function in any position is an excellent alternative to the tilt and limiters in traditional windows.

 Check and see how Smart-slide NEO from Monolit's offer can change your interior and make it even more functional and stylish.

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