The jubilee celebration of the 15th anniversary of MONOLIT took place on January 21 at the Warszawianka hotel in Jachranka. It was attended by almost 500 people, including the company's business partners from Poland and Europe, who celebrated this unique occasion together with the plant's employees and invited guests.

The hero of the ceremony was the owner of MONOLIT, Mr. Michał Godlewski. In a special speech, Mr. Michał Godlewski presented the most important events in the history of the company. He also thanked everyone who, in the past and currently, has had and continues to have a significant impact on the current shape of the Monolit company.

The anniversary gala was hosted by the well-known journalist and TV presenter Filip Chajzer, and the star of the evening was the singer Patrycja Markowska, whose extraordinary concert honored the entire event.

Considering the scale of the anniversary and the presence of so many contractors from various European countries at the ceremony, it is hard to disagree with the words of the Owner of MONOLIT, who said that Time is the friend of an excellent company and the enemy of a mediocre one. Without a doubt, MONOLIT has made the most of its time, working for 15 years on the high quality of the brand. We can proudly say that many partners perceive us through the prism of intensive development, which, despite such strong competition, is very dynamic”.

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