Znakiem rozpoznawczym marki MONOLIT od początku jej istnienia jest profesjonalizm na który składa się wysoka jakość i innowacyjność. Zgrzew V-PERFECT jest kolejnym krokiem w stronę Klientów poprzez wdrożenie najnowocześniejszej technologii zgrzewania profili.

The V-Perfect welding technology allows for a perfect connection of the profiles and the achievement of so-called thin welds. V-Perfect completely eliminates flashing during the profile joining process and improves welding pressure control. All of this opens up new opportunities for MONOLIT to create even more aesthetic and design-oriented products.

V-Perfect gives PVC joinery many positive aesthetic qualities:

  • Because perfection in the seams achieves an aesthetic never before attained by PVC.
  • Because the absence of constraints on the shape of the seam allows for not painting the corner flashing after it has been joined, meaning the aesthetics of the windows remain the same after a few years.
  • Because, this original technology gives designers, architects and profile manufacturers unlimited freedom.

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